Tanya Stawski, Beverly Hills Elite Broker.

Stand out luxury broker, Tanya Stawski is one of the most respected Real Estate agents in Los Angeles, ranked within the top 2% of all agents in America, her clients consist of celebrities, elite business men and women and leading politicians.  

We sat down with Tanya to discuss what has helped her become so successful? Her advice on navigating celebrity and wealthy clients, and why it’s important to balance personal life and work in Los Angeles.

Where did you grow up? 

I was born and raised in Germany. 

What part of LA do you live now? I used to live in Beverly Hills for 12 years and now in the Wilshire Corridor. I love both neighborhoods, from the landscaping to the close proximity to places. I am very fortunate.

What do you do for fun and your time off work in Los Angeles? Spending time with family and friends. Love entertaining at my home with friends and clients. I also enjoy a staycation or a walk at the beach in Malibu. LA is unique because it offers beautiful beaches, to wine tastings, fantastic restaurants and amazing hikes. Culturally the city offers a ton swell. Another passion of mine is attending art installations and gallery openings.

Why is it so important to have a balance of work and social life?  For me it is the purpose and thrive for my life.  Basically, you can’t take care of other if you don’t take care of yourself.  Always thriving on keeping my family/social life and balance with work. Honestly, something not as easy.

You have a lot of international networks, why is that so important in your work?  Based on my diverse cultural background, places I have lived as well as the various languages I speak which I love I created a niche for my business. I am lucky and blessed to work with referrals not only from the US but from all over the world. A big amount of my business is based on the international network I built. It helps tremendously to understand the culture backgrounds of your clients. My clients get the Best in terms of that, I not only assist them with their real estate needs in LA but connect them to my partners anywhere in the world.

What is your advice you would give to others looking to get ahead in business in Los Angeles?  Find out what you enjoy most. What is your niche? In Real estate, educate yourself and research the inventory of the neighborhoods you would like to break in to. Go check out the houses, run comps, and be ready to know the inventory inside out.”

You have a lot of celebratory clientele, how to do you manage celebrity clients?  Confidentially is the utmost for them. Understanding that there are more levels of decision makers. Not just the buyer but their advisors, money managers etc. 

Right now – What is the best area to buy a house in Los Angeles?  Bel Air you have great deals. Good school district. Easy access to get to BH, Century City, Westwood…I have a beautiful listing on 1740 Stone Canyon, Bel Air . stunning modern mid century with views of the Stone Canyon Reservoir. It’s priced at $3,850,000, It’s hard to find that level of luxury living and lifestyle anywhere else in America.

7140 Stone Canyon Rd, Bel Air. Priced $3,850,000.

Best piece of advice you have given ? When I started in the business I had a great mentor who always told me,” That it is a small world.It’s not only important to build a great relationship with your clients, but with your peers and associates as well. It is not a onetime transaction. Long term business relationships are key to your future business goals.

Tanya Stawski works with Sotheby’s Beverly Hills. http://www.Tanyastawski.com

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