Old-school post punk / indie rock outfit Amber Eye wants you to come “Along For The Ride” on their upcoming debut album for Visionary Noise Records


Amber Eye is an Austin based act whose sound will be familiar (and inviting) for anyone looking for an authentic blend of 90’s indie rock (the pre-Starbucks hipster kind), post-punk and fuzzed out guitar driven pop.  Heavily inspired by bands like The Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, Garbage, Butthole Surfers, L7 and Nirvana, the group plays music that isn’t afraid to be as introspective as it is catchy. 

Listen their latest music at https://bit.ly/35TRw4I

  Comprised of wife & husband duo Amber and Clint Shay, the group has cut their teeth through decades performing in various outfits around the United States. Their dedication to the craft paid off in dividends earlier this year, as they were asked by Steven Susman to release their debut full length Along For The Ride via  label Visionary Noise Records. Micah and Steve work hard to bring unique music to both the music scene and Visionary  Noise Records.   

My dream is to be able to make a living off my music and be able to tour and choose any festival we want. It’s all I wanna do. There is no backup plan. This is the only plan! ” -Amber Shay


Unapologetic in their old school, road warrior approach and dedicated to keeping the tradition of rock n’ roll alive, Amber Eye is a group that understands the musical journey is as important as the destination.  They invite you to come “Along For The Ride”, available from Visionary Noise Recordings on October 26th! 

Connect with Amber Eye                                                                                    



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