Malibu Crush Scheduled For Late 2020 Release

Anticipated comedy feature film, Malibu Crush is still on track for a late 2020 release despite the coronavirus halting several key film productions in Australia this year, including Baz Luhrmann and Tom Hanks, “Elvis Project ( Warner Brothers)  and Marvel studios Shang – Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Malibu Crush which features James Pratt, (On Halloween, Conversation Hollywood) Scott Miller (Once Upon Time, 2012) Jessica Ross (Backstage Weekly, Fashion Dolls), and Australian Bachelor runner up, Brittany Hockley in her debut, has already secured distribution with a US release now projected for December of 2020.

Top 35 Hollywood manager, Trisanne Marin is one of the producers, whilst Dane Hallett (Aquaman, Alien Covenant, Mad Max Fury Road) is attached as production designer

The script is a simialr style to 90s hit comedies such as National Lampoons and Beverly Hills Cop, and centres on two best friends from Pasadena, Michael Chase (James Pratt) and Duey (Billy White) who pretend to be highly acclaimed film school students in order to declare their love to a stunning former high school girlfriend, Bridget Van Ryan, who’s now living in Sydney, Australia. Actress Jessica Ross will play Bridget Van Ryan and has worked with Pratt before on Conversation Hollywood as well as the nationally acclaimed iTalk event series. Jessica stands out as the only main cast member born and raised in Southern California and was the first actress cast in the film.


Written with memorable characters and clearly defined as a comedy film, Malibu Crush hopes to be spared some of the scrutiny many comedy’s face with the current climate in Hollywood. The movie is produced by Marin, along with Australian producer, Dan Musial and executive produced by Two-time AFI Award winning producer, John L Simpson.

Filming will take place between Sydney, Australia and Malibu with pre-production going smoothly according to Marin, ” We had a great pre production and were ahead of schedule before the global coronavirus shut Hollywood down, this gives us some small flexibility to still be pushing for a 2020 completion date.

The film will be shot on an Ari camera with award winning cinematographer Robbie Fatt making his feature film directorial debut . Other actors in the cast include, International model Yuam Lim, Sean Anthony Robinson, Bella Valentini, Sarah Collidge and former professional Australian rugby player Kyle Lovett.


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