Entrepreneur Sienna Sinclaire shares her Daily Routine during Self-Care Quarantine

You should come out of the self-quarantine looking and feeling fabulous.

Everyone should have a morning routine, and now is the time to start if you don’t have one already. A morning routine is all about focusing on you in the morning. It can be whatever you want to focus on. 

For example, when I first wake up in the morning, I focus on my beauty routine with taken care of my body and face. Next I focus on working out with walking and yoga. Then I head down to my kitchen to focus on my nutrition before I start my day. 

It all depends on you as to how long you want your morning routine to be. For some, it will be short and quick and for others it can be hours. It’s whatever you need to focus on you.

If you don’t have all the time for the morning, you can split it up for the morning and evening.

– Decide for your morning routine what you want to focus on and start by writing it down daily until it becomes routine. You can always change it up by adding or taking away things.

For me, I like to focus on taken care of my face with steaming it daily, needling to help my products penetrate deeper, hydrating my body/face. I’m all about anti-aging and hydrating.

For fitness, I like to focus on keeping my body in motion because I suffer from sciatica from sitting a lot and being on the computer. So I get up daily and walk 30 mins and 30 mins yoga. Then 4 times a day I fit in cardio/weights along with getting a massage to help with my sciatica. But that’s what I decided to focus on that’s important to me. 

Then for my nutrition, I like to make sure I have breakfast along with a smoothie to get my veggies and fruit. I like to take my vitamins in the morning and drink at least 2 bottles of water to start the day. 

Your morning routine can be anything from spending an hour reading, doing a hobby…whatever helps with your health and beauty.

Come out of this quarantine with a new morning routine that focuses on YOU!

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