Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam Revives Herbal Medicine Traditions to Combat Today’s Pandemic

Herbal medicine traditions are making a comeback as society seeks alternative methods of healing in these challenging times. Today, herbal wellness leading brand SACRED LOTUS YONI STEAM releases Immune & Respiratory Support: Herbal Protection Blend; a Clinically Formulated blend of medicinal herbs that can be used as a facial steam, drinking tea, herbal bath or yoni steam to fortify and support immune and respiratory health, safe for the whole family. The Immune & Respiratory Support: Herbal Protection Blend is composed of 8 organic herbs that have been used for centuries for their anti-viral properties, to reduce congestion, loosen mucus and relieve inflammation by opening air passageways in the lungs. The blend was co-formulated with her sister, Clinical Herbalist, Arielle Hayat; and is available for purchase at 

As our planet scrambles to protect ourselves from a contagious virus that threatens to destroy us all and as the debilitating side effects of pharmaceutical drugs begin to outweigh the benefits; the usage of medicinal plants have become a frontline defense in the battle against an unseen enemy. Sabrina Vedete, Founder of SACRED LOTUS YONI STEAM, is leading the movement to bring the ancient medicine tradition of facial steaming back into the homes of families around the world. This simple technique requires nothing more than standing over the stove with a towel covering your head, inhaling the steam coming from a pot of boiling water infused with SACRED LOTUS YONI STEAM medicinal herbs. You might remember your grandmother forcing you to do this when you were congested as a child. 

Facial Steam Therapy involves the inhalation of water vapor infused with the volatile oils of medicinal plants to open the airwaves and help the lungs drain mucus. Benefits of facial steaming include added warmth and moisture to the air, which may improve breathing, and help loosen mucus that causes congestion and pressure in the lung, nasal and sinus passageways. 

“Learning and embodying ancient medicine practices is one of the keys to protecting our health and wellness in these challenging times,” says Sabrina Vedete. “The plants have been our medicine and our teachers since the beginning. Now is the time to turn to their wisdom for the support we need to re-discover how to protect ourselves and our families during this pandemic. That’s why we formulated  Immune & Respiratory Support: Herbal Protection Blend for the whole family.” 

Other ways to get the healing benefits of the herbal medicine into your body include drinking as a warm tea or using them in addition to a hot and steamy bath with epsom salt. SACRED LOTUS YONI STEAM has partnered with the non-profit organization Genesis Healing Institute to donate herbal care packages to underserved and minority populations across California and the Western United States during this worldwide health crisis. She has also taken it upon herself to donate Immune & Respiratory Support: Herbal Protection Blend to health practitioners in need in the state of New York in an effort to alleviate suffering and support preventative measures during these challenging times.

Sabrina Vedete is the Founder of Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam, a leading brand in herbal wellness. She is a Certified Vaginal Steam Therapist currently earning her Peristeam Hydrotherapist Degree. She hosts workshops, lectures and retreats around the world; sharing ancient medicine traditions, nature therapy and the benefits of sensual healing arts to unlock our passion and purpose. She is a published writer and has shared her practice with leading wellness practitioners on podcasts and the online space.

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