Spotlight: Nick Wangersky – Hollywood North Magazine.

This month we spotlight young Hollywood industry pioneer, Nick Wangersky, owner and senior editor of Hollywood North Magazine. A talented actor and writer, Nicks industry experience has helped him grow the magazine year on year and feature some of the best in the film industry. We sat down with Nick for this exclusive interview.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in New Westminster and Vancouver. A lot of my work had me traveling out to Vancouver so often I’m considered a local out there.What are your favourite styles of films TV. e.g genre, director, actorI’m a huge fan of surrealism, but never get a chance to see too much of it. So I mostly stick to action, comedy, and a little bit of horror. There’s a lot of directors and actors who I enjoy that it’s hard to list them all.How did you get into being the owner of HN?The website was up for sale on an auction page for a few thousand dollars. So me and an employer bought it together and started rebuilding it. A few years later, I took it over as my own, and have been managing it pretty smoothly. 

In general do you think films being made now, are better or worse than 10 years ago?

Personally, I think local films are getting better as more creators are stepping forward and expressing themselves. However, mainstream films seem to be concepts that are running out of ideas. So I have mixed opinions on movies.Whats changed in Vancouver’s film industryIt’s been getting more productive, we’ve been getting much more production companies and studios filming here, and even local talent getting better recognition. But given the COVID-19 pandemic, there seems to be a lot more precautions being made too. There’s talk about BG being eliminated, there will be face shields to prevent germs spreading, and even less hours for most people. So while we’re getting back into things, it could be hard to adjust. 

Why is Vancouver so popular with Hollywood studios and used so much for filming?

Vancouver offers some pretty good rates when it comes to filming. The US find it’s the least costly and the money works for us thanks to the conversion rate. But it’s not just money, one of the cool things about Vancouver is the location. A lot of it resembles so many different states. One would be surpised how much New York and Vancouver look alike.

Do you have any favourite interviews or stories you have covered in your magazine?

There’s so many on Hollywood North Magazine it’s hard to say. But if I had to say there were any favourites, they would have to be my video interview series, Beyond The Lens. It’s an interview series where I talk to directors and actors about what they do besides film work. Usually, they’re doing things to help out their community.

Whats your best advice for someone getting into the film industry

Build some connections, get to know people, show them what you’re capable of. That’s the best way to get yourself out there more.

To get in contact with Nick or visit Hollywood North Magazine visit.

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