Pamela Portnoy and Alexa Marie Anderson Breaking New Ground

Talented actress’s Pamela Portnoy and Alexa Marie Anderson have been breaking new ground in 2020 as the hosts of the highly successful podcast, ” NO ONE’S OKAY, a project they co founded just over 12 months ago, which now is becoming one of the most talked shows in Hollywood. Authenticity is key in the series which touches on direct and open interviews in Los Angeles, and meshed with their own personal experiences.

We had the pleasure of being able to sit down with Pamela and Alexa and learn more about how they have shaped their podcast to be so successful, what’s next for these two actresses along with some of the best advice from guests they have had on the show so far.

How would you describe Hollywood to someone not from here?

Alexa It’s New York with sunshine, and Pam agrees. Hollywood is fairly fast paced, but since everyone is in their own bubble and more spread out it’s harder to feel the energy of the town. We absolutely love it here, it’s home. 

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given?

Pamela: Work hard and be kind. 

Alexa: Take everything with a grain of salt. 

When did you come up with the idea of your podcast?

We came up with this idea in May of 2019, glasses of wine in hand while debriefing about the side job we both shared at the time. 

Pamela Portnoy and Alexis Marie Anderson filming NO ONE’S OKAY

What would you say is the goal of doing this podcast? ( e.g entertain, inspire , inform, etc

When we first came up with the idea for No One’s Okay it started out more as a creative outlet for ourselves to stay busy in case acting slowed down for us.  However, as soon as we began to actually create the show we realized our goal was to not only relate to other artists, but to anyone looking to dive deeper into the human experience. 

Do you have any memorable guests you have interviewed?

We’ve been really lucky to have some amazing guests on our show. We had a great time chatting with James Pratt and Daniel Musial about their upcoming movie Malibu CrushWe also loved talking to James Liddell about creating your own work, Luke Shelton about moving to Los Angeles from out of state, and Tina Casciani about the importance of mindset in pursuing an acting career. 

Any, interesting stories you’d like to share doing this podcast, things you have learnt?

Oh, you know, other than jumping out of a plane for the sake of our “Leap of Fear” episode which was life changing for both of us, we also loved taking a pole dancing class to further explore the concept of female empowerment and being more comfortable in our own skin. We’ve learned a ton while creating this show and continue to do so everyday. 

What’s next in store for you both?  ( e.g acting projects, creative projects etc )

As of now, we both plan on continuing to create new episodes of No One’s Okay while simultaneously pursuing our acting careers. Additionally,Alexa would love to produce a play by a female playwright that showcases a female lead, and Pamela will be releasing a new podcast which dives even further into film and television. Details to come!

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