Lifestyle Brand Blumenes Shares their New Year’s Resolution for 2021

Founded by three Southern California women, Yael, Mishel and Stephanie, Blumenes offers the finest in cannabis-infused CBD creams and topicals. The Blumenes philosophy is all about gratitude, self-care, and positivity. These attributes align the path to pain relief. Blumenes’s Luxurious & Organic CBD products are sourced and developed in California and utilize key healing ingredients like Hemp, Turmeric, Dragon’s Blood, Witch Hazel, Primrose, Aloe, and Arnica.  The products are cruelty-free, gluten-free, and U.S.-grown with independent, third-party lab testing.

Yael Rubin, Stephanie Levaton-Cobos, and Mishel Elkayam, share with us an in-depth look at their 2021 goals and inspirations. We hope this also inspires other small businesses and entrepreneurs to stay positive and keep reaching their goals. 


The start of the New Year is a time to reflect back on the past year. To take time to think

about new tools needed to embark on our business and personal goals and realistically

ask ourselves, “What obstacles would we likely face?”, as we know goals can work in

many different ways for many different types of people.

Our New Years Goals is a tricky question since the Covid Pandemic has changed our

perception and strategy on all fronts, both business & personal. We have had to rethink

and regroup our initial business plan and how perfect is it to reset it now, at the

beginning of 2021!

Blumenes is a niche market that is emerging globally. Knowing that CBD is a personal

choice, our client is selective when purchasing Medicinal, Organic & Holistic CBD

products. In understanding our client’s needs, it enables us to formulate an effective,

clean and honest product. The benefits of educating our clients has proven customer

brand loyalty. Creating trust and authenticity is our priority at Blumenes. We

strongly believe, “Alone we go fast, together we can go far”.

In life there are many types of customers and therefore we believer clients should have

options as to where they can purchase CBD. We are currently in a variety of retail

space such as: Dispensaries, Medical Offices, Country Clubs, Spas, Retailers, Gourmet

Markets (Malibu Vintage Grocers), Golf courses and even pop-up stores. We have

launched our products on different Online marketplaces, such as, Amazon, Walmart,, and we are in line to be on a few more unique retail & online

spaces by months end. 2021 will be the setting u, management, product developing

of our new line of skincare products that incorporate the benefits of CBD on the skin. As

we know, inflammation is the leading cause to illnesses and aging. Our belief is that if

you manage your body with CBD in the appropriate places, you will reap the long term

benefits of a healthy looking skin that radiates from the inside and out!

These are a few of business goals:

Scheduled Weekly meetings with the Blumenes team as we know planning is healthy

for a growing business.

Taking stock of what’s happening on the micro and macro level. Helping our team set

new directions and adjust old goals that need tweaking.

Set aside time each week to review, adjust and look for inspiration. The Blumenes

growth has been a journey of fulfilling our desired purpose of helping others selfcare in

a healthy and conscious way. In our work environment, our team incorporates

mediation, healthy minded educational podcasts, science, health and global research in

understanding the synergy between CBD and the health benefits.

Cooking lunch together daily enables us to connect on many levels which enhances our

product development. We found our kitchen is a key part to our office. It is not only a

place for our team members to refresh and refuel themselves, but it is a melting pot

where great ideas blossom.

We feel that CBD blossoms in the body to heal and flourish. At the end of the day, we

feel our kitchen promotes health, wellness and positive productivity.

Our Favorite Quote:

All our dreams come if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney

It’s one of our favorite quotes because courage is something you muster up daily to

continue our purpose.

Quotes are great because sometimes all we need is a little encouragement. We

believe finding a quote, can help you find the strength & courage to keep on going. We

believe if it’s a mantra, quote or meditation, positive forward thinking can eliminate the

self-doubt and positivity can propel us further us in our business, personal life and


At the end of the day, we are all in this together! Stay Well!

Yael Rubin, Stephanie Levaton-Cobos, & Mishel Elkayam

Co-founders and Friends

Instagram @blumeneslabs

LinkedIn: Blumenes Labs

The Daily Look Magazine

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