Interview with author Nychol Lyna and her inspiring new children’s book, FORGOTTEN BABY

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Newman Springs Publishing author, Nychol Lyna, officially published her new children’s book, Forgotten Baby, out now – book available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble. The modern-day book series, published by Newman Springs Publishing, is a children’s book for readers aged 8 and up, as it follows Mytaé’s journey on losing her mother at a young age and entering the foster care system in her adolescence. Forgotten Baby takes on the story of 16-year-old Mytaé’s journey of balancing her own hardships of entering the foster care system at a young age while providing real-life insight into the struggles that young children in the foster care system are faced with while growing up without a biological parent. It was written by Foster Care Advocate, Nychol Lyna, and Arthur Romeo, with illustrations by Arthur Romeo. Nychol hopes that this book inspires others going through similar struggles, and “seeks to shed light on these circumstances that are occurring too often within our youth”. 

Available online at

Forgotten Baby is a fictional book based on true life events, that “signifies the struggles that we endure as people while trying to survive in this world without the support and guidance of others”. This book takes readers on a whirlwind journey through Mytaé’s life as she is faced with suppressed memories of her past while navigating through the struggles of life without a biological parent. Author, Nychol Lyna, shares the uplifting message with her readers that anyone going through similar occurrences, or any lost boy or girl reading this book is not alone, and they can finally be seen and heard. Forgotten Baby is now available in bookstores everywhere, including Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes and Noble.

What Others Are Saying

“Beautifully illustrated.”

“I loved every page, but I must say my favorite was page 19. My boys and I sing that song every time they are feeling low… Can’t wait to see what else she writes. Keep up the great work!”

Nychol Lyna is currently working on four new children’s books in the Forgotten Baby series: Forgotten Baby: Mytaé & Marta, Forgotten Baby: Mytaé the Amazing Dancer, Forgotten Baby: Who Will Love Me? And Forgotten Baby: Mytaé the Rebellious Rulebreaker. Each book plays a significant role in advocating for the foster care system amongst youth and minorities, while focusing on fictional character, Mytaé’s life so that it may inspire other young readers to keep staying strong and understand that they are not alone in this world. 

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The Daily Look Magazine was lucky enough to sit down with Nychol Lyna and get to know her inspiring story.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always been a written communicator… the annoying friend or girlfriend that can text message a novel before you can read my previous message or even think how to respond. But also the friend you ask for the correct grammar use, spelling or definition. The silly friend re-writing harmonies of popular songs and relating them to my forever love, food! The deep, insightful, and creative friend who enjoyed writing poems or getting lost in a great film or book. I’ve always been extremely articulate since I was a child, even nicknamed “Grandma” by one of my mother’s best friends at the age of 4. As I’ve grown, learning new words and vocabulary was something that interested me. All of these attributes contributed to my writing capabilities. As it pertains to my stories and creativity. I’ve always been a visionary and was able to bring my ideas to life. Great stories can really transform one’s life, and that’s what I hoped to do with my stories; inspire others to dream or to help one escape from their own reality, even if for only a moment. 

What makes your stories unique? Where do you draw your inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from my experiences and that of those that I love. I’m passionate about helping others so “Forgotten Baby” has always been in my heart, even before I met my stepdaughter Zemirah. Though I’ve always had my mother by my side, I didn’t have my father. So I can relate to all those children out there who have to navigate their lives without the love and guidance of their biological parents. My stories are unique because they are real and honest. Even if they are fictional, they are relatable. I believe readers can sense sincerity. And that’s what I strive to exude through my stories. My readers will further sense this from me as I publish more works. I’m not just inspirational illustrated children’s books. I’m comedic, gritty, and sometimes misunderstood. I believe my stories will touch and change lives, and with each word that I write my life purpose will always be to uplift someone who is in need. 

What accomplishment are you most proud of this far in your career as a foster care advocate?

Publishing my book was a big step for me. I worked many years to find out what I was really good and passionate about. And that’s writing, inspiring others, and being creative. Sharing “Forgotten Baby” has been so special and important for me, my family, and those who have supported and believed in me. To receive messages from grown-ups (not even exposed to the foster care system), saying that they are crying their eyes out because they were so touched by the story is amazing. To be able to gift books to children in foster care. 

One of my most treasured reviews came from my former employer who inaugurated President Barack Obama, Senior Rabbi Sharon Brous (Founder of IKAR). She wrote me, “I read Forgotten Baby several times, twice with my child. It’s so beautiful, Nychol—what a sad and beautiful and hopeful story. I am so moved by what you’ve done—I know you had this book in you for years. I’m so glad you can now share it with the world. Mazal tov! Congratulations!” These moments too make me proud that I created something special. 

And even more important than publishing my first novel, 4 years ago I adopted a young girl who was exposed to the foster care system, my stepdaughter Zemirah. I don’t have any biological children. So I’m proud of the love and support I’ve provided, and of the young woman, she’s become. I’m grateful for the family and home her biological father and I have been blessed to make for her. The opportunity to love this child who no longer has her biological mother is a feeling that cannot be summed up in words. And to be able to publish my book, which was in my heart long before she walked into it, is the icing on the cake. Taking this journey with my best friend is more than I could ever ask for. 

Can you describe each new book you are writing and what the reader can learn? 

I’m so fortunate and elated to be able to work on four more books to add to the “Forgotten Baby” series:

  1. “Forgotten Baby: Mytaé & Marta” – In Book II of the “Forgotten Baby” series, as Mytaé settles into foster living, she befriends a free-spirited and energetic girl named Marta. Marta is a bit much for Mytaé to handle, but Mytaé soon develops genuine affection for her. But as time goes on and their friendship develops, Mytaé learns an emotional lesson about foster home living…
  2. “Forgotten Baby: Mytaé the Amazing Dancer” – In Book III of the “Forgotten Baby” series, Mytaé learns that even in a foster home setting, she can still get in touch with her passions. When a supervisor asks her what she likes to do, Mytaé shyly shares that she likes to dance. It seems like an impossible dream to pursue inside the walls of her foster home, but as it turns out, the grown-ups have a fun and thrilling plan in store…
  3. “Forgotten Baby: Who Will Love Me?” – In Book IV of the “Forgotten Baby” series, it’s a big day at Mytaé’s foster home. The gymnasium is filled with visiting families, who hope to take home foster children with them. Mytaé waits all day for a family to choose her, as she watches many other kids get chosen. It’s a very sad and bumpy experience…until things take a turn for the better. But will Mytaé really get to go home with a family, or will she just stay stuck there at the foster home?
  4. And “Forgotten Baby: Mytaé the Rebellious Rulebreaker” – In Book V of the “Forgotten Baby” series, Mytaé’s new life with The Anderson family isn’t anything like she expected it to be. The problem is, Mrs. Anderson, the mother, has way too many rules! For Mytaé, it’s so boring and frustrating to live there. She thinks back on her old life, with her real mama, and becomes even more upset about her circumstances. Then when Mytaé starts to break the rules, things take a very unexpected turn…

We are projecting to complete Book II by the end of August 2021 and release it 3 months thereafter. 

How does each book play a significant role in advocating for the foster care system amongst youth and minorities?

“Forgotten Baby” focuses on real-life experiences that young boys and girls face when entering the foster care system at a young age. I hope that this book uplifts readers who face similar challenges within the foster care system, and inspires them to keep moving forward no matter how challenging life can get. I want them to know there is hope and it can get better. My primary goal is to shed light on the foster care system and the circumstances that our youth (and foster parents) endure, while also promoting literary efficacy.

With great thanks to my fiancé Kennie Leggett, my publicist, Raquel Figlo, and several other colleagues, I’m proud to announce established partnerships with entities such as, FAMLI Inc (our fiscal sponsor who currently proctors their program at Green Dot Public Schools in Los Angeles), the Los Angeles Police Museum, and various communities in the Bahamas. I believe, with the support of like-minded individuals and organizations like these friends of mine, this is only the beginning and we will cultivate a platform to touch lives on a global scale. 

How did you meet your illustrator Arthur Romeo and how has Arthur’s experience in the foster care system impacted your storytelling if, at all?

I met Arthur in 2016 when working on the production of my 1st film, “It’s All Happening” a comedy sitcom featuring Auntie Fee (YouTube sensation, comedian, and actress). He assisted me in directing several scenes, as well as teaching me about the film industry. I always knew how versatile his talents were and I asked him if he would be interested in partnering with me on “Forgotten Baby”. Of course, he was so gracious and I’m truly proud of what we’ve created. Arthur was integral in writing Book I, and his expertise inspired me to up my game on the following books to ensure a more seamless process when providing me with his beautifully colorful, yet time-consuming illustrations. 

Arthur is a former foster care child who entered foster care with his sister at the age of five; he aged out of the system at 21 years old. He’s told me how difficult but empowering, this process has been for his own healing and sense of accomplishment that he persevered beyond his circumstances. Ironically having contact with many ‘parental figures’, there wasn’t much parenting to be had, and Arthur was left to make of the world what he could through his meager naive adolescent existence. Many kids don’t make it out of situations like his without turning to crime, suicide, or jail, but Arthur believes that with his mother teaching him to read early, it made all the difference in the world for his own journey. Learning empathy through the written word at a young age, Arthur deeply identified with Oliver Twist and Maniac Magee, with his imagination soaring with Calvin and Hobbes. Arthur will tell you that, “Art saved my life”. Through all the terrible angry thoughts born out of the chaos including altercations with cops, being bullied at school, and the overall absence of consistent parental guidance, the misery, and constant frustration ignited Arthur to utilize his sketchbook as a gateway leading to a degree in theater from Prairie View A&M University. For the past 15 years, Arthur Romeo has been an actor, voiceover artist, illustrator, film director, acting coach, art teacher, puppeteer, pumpkin sculptor, caricature artist, and now published author through “Forgotten Baby”. Through his love of family, specifically his daughter Daphne, Arthur believes that good things can always come from unfortunate experiences when you believe in yourself. And that is what he strives to share with other foster youth around the world.

Though Arthur’s personal life experiences have not directly inspired the storyline’s within the series thus far, I wholeheartedly value his perspective and appreciate that he has a more direct connection to the foster care industry that further inspires me to continue fighting for this project to make an invaluable impact. 

What steps should one take if they are wanting to adopt or foster care a child?

Before one can adopt or foster a child, they must first meet certain requirements, such as completing a home study (multiple at-home visits, training classes, and interviews). During this process, the hopeful parents will be able to meet with a caseworker who will help them create a “child desired” form in deciding who they want to take home with them. 

The next step is waiting for their caseworker to find the right child that fits best with the parents and their home. Once a child seems like the right fit, the caseworker will present their information with them and allow them to decide whether or not they would like to move forward. If they are interested in moving forward, they will be presented with an adoption inquiry.

An adoption inquiry then goes to the appropriate social worker, who will then decide whether or not the child is a right fit for the family wanting to adopt. If everything goes well, they will then be able to welcome the child into their home.

Only if the social worker, the child’s worker, and the adoptive parents agree on the match, the child will be welcomed into their home. They will become the child’s foster parent and be able to spend time with the child and get to know them better. The social worker and county worker will continue to visit the new parent’s home once a month to ensure that everything is going well. Additional resources will be presented to the parent as well, to make the transition run smoothly.

And the last step is finalizing the adoption. After 6 months of the child being placed in their foster parent’s home, and after the biological parent’s rights have been terminated, the foster parent will then qualify for adoption. However, it can take much longer until the child is available for adoption (sometimes between 12 and 18 months, and even longer if a biological parent files an appeal). Once the foster parent shows up to the finalization hearing, they will then be presented with the adoption certificate and the child is now legally theirs. 

How can our readers get more involved if they want to at risk youth?

I am passionate about and dedicated to encouraging women, youth, and community empowerment through my creative written works of art. Foster care is a passion dear to my heart. What our foster children experience is quite overwhelming: 15% of children who enter foster care are removed from their families due to neglect, 8% due to physical abuse, and 2% from sexual abuse. Girls in foster care are twice as likely to get pregnant by the age of 19, and 40% will have a second child by age 21; 47% of youth leaving foster care are unemployed, and 33% receive public assistance. 

Based on these tragic statistics, three things the community can do to help shed light on foster care awareness are:

  1. Raise more awareness for the youth aging out and provide more entrepreneurial or career placement opportunities, and “take a future leader to work day” or host an entrepreneurial workshop with a celebratory lunch promoting thoughts of career choice, community engagement, and networking experience for the child.
  2. Raise more awareness to at-risk and foster care youth advocates and their initiatives, events, and etcetera, that benefit foster youth to further promote community involvement to strengthen education and literary efficacy, minimize early teenage pregnancy, and expedite home placement options before they age out. 
  3. Sponsor a child! Donate clothes and shoes, books, art supplies. Offer mentorship as a big brother or sister. There are too many “Forgotten Babies” and we need to remember them, support them, and encourage them not to give up and to continue dreaming north. 

As for “Forgotten Baby” initiatives, we are available across all social media platforms, including Instagram: @dreamnorth_ent and @forgottenbaby_series, Facebook: @dreamnorthent, @forgottenbabyseries, and TikTok: @dream_north. Please check out my websites at and for more information on my company, and my book, “Forgotten Baby”. My book is now available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple Books, and is also available for purchase via my website at Please learn more about our efforts:

Nychol Lyna Electronic Press Kit:

Forgotten Baby Sponsor & Investor Proposal:

What are you inspiring to accomplish with the Forgotten Baby Series? What else can we look forward to from Nychol Lyna in the future?

Being Los Angeles-based, I’ve always had a deep sense of community and uplifting our underprivileged demographics. I’ve visited a myriad of places (including residing in Spain, leading to the establishment of my company, Dream North Entertainment in 2014), and have found that my passions lie in writing and helping others, and establishing stability for my loved ones. When residing in Spain, implementing an independent research study on abused women and children exposed to sex trafficking, I found that the same resources and legal protections were not granted (unlike in the United States). “Forgotten Baby” is important to me because it signifies the struggles that we endure as a people while trying to survive in this world without the support and guidance of others. I hope to bring more awareness and establish more placement opportunities for our children, as well as establishing my own group home facility to house fostered youth in various locations. 

What’s to come from Nychol Lyna in the future? Amid COVID, life seems to be so unpredictable. And I just have to encourage you to continue following me to see what goals I’m able to accomplish. There’s so much I aspire to do. Not for fame or riches. But because I often wake up and say “I haven’t done enough. There’s so much more I need to do before I can’t grind anymore”. Yes, I have 3 degrees. Yes, I’ve been recognized by Mayor Eric Garcetti and Senator Kamala Harris for my community development efforts. But it’s just not enough! I was in a horrible auto accident in 2013 that’s left me temporarily disabled, and I’m fully aware that our bodies are fleeting and I won’t be able to push my body and mind to this capacity forever. But, there are so many women and children I need to help and with each step, that’s my intent, and I know I can’t do it alone. We all have a past and experiences that shape our present, but it’s up to us to determine how our futures will unfold and be defined through our own proactiveness and choosing to never give up on what we believe we are meant to pursue…

So in addition to continuing to build the “Forgotten Baby” brand, I simply pray that God blesses me with relationships, opportunities, and resources enabling an expansion of Dream North Entertainment’s reach to fulfill its mission of promoting the advancement of minority individuals and communities while emphasizing the importance of bridging cultural gaps by way of collaboration and utilizing artistic expression as an alternative outlet.

Anything else you would like to add?

Over the next 1-2 years, I intend to donate at least 500 “Forgotten Baby” books and to touch more than 1,000 at-risk youth through various projects and partnerships. Please contact today! 

And thank you so very much Daily Look for this opportunity to share my fears and dreams, in hopes that my testimony might inspire another Black girl from Inglewood, California (or elsewhere) to believe she too can dream north!

For more information on Nychol Lyna and her book, please visit

Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | TikTok | Barnes & Noble | Amazon | Apple Books

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