iHollywood Film Fest Honors Filmmakers Across the World

Filmmakers, producers and actors attend iHollywood FilmFest and gifting suite at The Woman’s Club of Hollywood, Hollywood, CA on June 25, 2021

iHollywood Film Fest came to a close on July 6 with the announcement of the Audience Awards. The hybrid festival became the first film festival to award NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to filmmakers for their awards. Filmmakers were presented with award certificates in person or virtually.

The biggest winner was “Our Neighbor’s Shadow” with Best Hollywood Feature Film, Best Hollywood Producer, Best Hollywood Director, Best Actor Massi Furlan, Best Actress Gley Viera and 5 Star Awards Connection finalist.
The producers and directors of “Matty Boy” were awarded the top award for short films, Best Hollywood Mini Movie, and Best Hollywood Director for Mini Movies-Shahid Kamal. Along with Samir Srivastava, they were awarded an additional five awards for their other mini-movies including 5 Star Awards and I AM Awards plus Best Hollywood Mini Movie International “Cinnamon”, Best Hollywood Mini Movie “Take the Chocolate” and “Katie Cutie, Ashu, and the Funny Mouse”.

Admissions received multiple awards including Best Hollywood Producer for Mini Movies for Gavin J. Behrman and Best Actor/Best Actress Runner Up in a Mini Movie for James Cromwell and Anna Khaja.
Parallel Path received multiple awards for Best Actor/Best Actress in a Mini Movie for Shane Gerber and Lee Dawn Hershey plus Audience Awards Honorable Mentions for Most Watched and Highest Rated.
A total of 54 films and panels were screened virtually and on-demand from June 25-July 5, 2021. Topics and films included feature-length, mini-movies (short films), digital series, music videos, audio, and photography covering pandemic created content plus tribal, veterans, trans, LGBTQI. Judges or hosts for the screenings and Q&As were Laura Powers, Michelle Tabrizi-Ortiz, Jessica Ross, Billy Holden, Justin Howard, James Pratt, Arati Misro, Patrick Kilpatrick, and Amber Martinez, James DuMont, Ryuji Yamakita Vanda, Journey Jackson, Conor Sammartin. Joyce Chow and Catherine Rhee. Hosts streamed from Hollywood, Alabama and Sydney, Australia. Games were hosted by Edward Marinzel.

Other standouts during the festival included the world premieres of “The Original Charvel Gang” winning Best Hollywood Musical Documentary and “Katie, Cuty, Ashu and the Funny Mouse”. Best COVID-19 Created Mini Movie–Bandwidth, “Directed By” for a behind the scene look at the Academy Awards.
Curated specialty programming panels highlights from Equality Now – LGBTQI cultural panelists including Hale Appleman (The Magicians); Angel Bonilla (NBC’s The Voice); and style guru Tracie May-Wagner; Women in Tech & Film with Christine Pelosi (Women and Tech advocate lawyer) and LaShawn McGhee (Revry); and a special 11-year screening and panel from Trans Francisco with trans cast members including Tiffany Woods and Miss Major Griffin-Gacy.

Partners for the iHollywood Film Fest included Vanda; Tri Continental Distribution; Montebubbles Entertainment; Justin Howard; Quiet on Set Hollywood; Maggie Media.

Sponsors include: Product Hollywood; Steve Mitchell Marketing; Woman’s Club of Hollywood; Klio Studio; Axus Coin; Dr. Lawton Tang’ Trip Digital Music; Christine Reed or Platinum Image Services?; Haven University and Teton University; Asahi beer; Ito-en green tea; Gliterrati Magazine; Heard Exclusively; Venture Accel; FoodTech LA and The Atlas Post.

A complete list of winners with consolidated awards listing:
Feature Film Length

  • Best Feature Film-Our Neighbor’s Shadow
  • Best Artistry Film – A Perfect Vintage
  • Best Documentary Film – Elephant Refugees
  • Best Experimental Film – Alone “The only thing to fear is yourself.”
  • Best Hollywood Film – Directed By
  • Best International Documentary – The man they called a young genius, master swordsmith Yoshikazu Yoshihara
  • Best International Film – Kaali Maati
  • Best Special Effects – Zombie Infection-Belaban Hidup
  • Best Producer & Best Director-Our Neighbor’s Shadow
  • Best Actor / Best Actress-Massi Furlan, Gley Viera

Mini Movies & Short Form Content

  • Best MiniMovie-Matty Boy
  • Best Audio-Conversation Hollywood
  • Best COVID-19 Created Mini Movie–Bandwidth
  • Best Digital Series-The Salon
  • Best MiniMovie Animation-Death Hacks
  • Best MiniMovie Arts and Fashion–Agni
  • Best MiniMovie Children-Take the Chocolate
  • Best MiniMovie Comedy-Hollywood Unexpected
  • Best MiniMovie Diversity-Come Away With Me
  • Best MiniMovie Documentary-Water Is Life
  • Best MiniMovie Female Film-For the Women of Belarus
  • Best MiniMovie International-Cinnamon
  • Best MiniMovie International Animation-On / Off
  • Best MiniMovie Microbudget-My Sister
  • Best MiniMovie Music-Derek Day ” Fine Lines “
  • Best MiniMovie Nature & Animals-Pollinators and Farms Under Pressure
  • Best MiniMovie Student-The Jungle Tale-“An Ordinary Life Until…”
  • Best Photographer-Old Hollywood Vibe
  • Best Hollywood Director for Mini Movies-Shahid Kamal.
  • Best Hollywood Producer for MiniMovies for Gavin J. Behrman-Admissions
  • Best Actor/Best Actress in a Mini Movie-Shane Gerber and Lee Dawn Hershey-Parallel Path
  • Best Actor/Best Actress Runner Up MiniMovie-James Cromwell and Anna Khaja-Admissions
  • Best Actor/Best Actress Honorable Mention-Mini Movie – Evan Williams/Talita Maia–Tempest Desert
  • Best MiniMovie Special Effects-Shallow Water

Audience Award winners include:

  • Most Watched-Trans Francisco Screening & Panel; Runner Up-Sanitize This!; Semi-Finalist-The Mass Shooting Monologues; Honorable Mention-Parallel Path.
  • Highest Rated Winner-Sanitize This!; Honorable Mentions-Hollywood Unexpected; Parallel Path; Tempest Desert; and The Portrait of Loneliness in Quarantine.
  • Most Empowering-Women in Tech & Film
  • Most Impactful-Equality Now! LGBTQI Cultural Panel

About iHollywood Film Fest
IHollywood Film Fest Fest is the only official Hollywood Film Festival internationally recognized and proud member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. iHollywood Film Fest honors creativity and people transforming the arts, advancing NFT awards and continues to be on the forefront of technology. The iHollywood Film Fest seeks to set a new standard of inspired creativity by educating and discovering the best of diverse and emerging storytellers to showcase to the world. The iHollywood Film Fest was created by Joyce Chow and Catherine Rhee. It is the next series of film festivals created by Joyce Chow, the co-founder of the Brentwood and Pacific Palisades International Film Festival and Palm Beach International Mini Movie Film Festival. www.iHollywoodFilmFest.com

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