In today’s world, knowledge is power and with the changes brought upon us in the past two years, the ability to multi-task is even more imperative to your success than ever.

This week iHollywood Film Fest has created an opportunity for entertainment professionals to learn from a panel of experts on ways to maximize their careers in Hollywood and how actors especially can branch out into other aspects of the industry to propel their careers further.

With the rise of streaming services offering producers direct access to distribution and the rise of content on the small screen, the result has meant a shift in the ways films and TV shows can be produced and distributed. This effect opens up the door for actors and producers to start to create their own content on a commercial scale and start to adjust to wearing more than one hat in their career.

In this webinar, you will learn why it’s imperative to be able to wear multiple hats in entertainment and how various skills are utilized. Speakers are actors, producers, directors, hosts, journalists, publicists and interviewers. The featured panelists include Chance Spiessbach, James Pratt, and Jessica Ross

The panel discussion followed by Q&A. Stay after the Q&A for networking. The session will be recorded.

Click on the link to register! 


Chance Spiessbach, Chance TV

Entertainment must be unique & unpredictable in today’s over-saturated market. There is no need for forced laughs & smiles, as Chance & his guests genuinely have fun. As Ice T said, “I could talk to Chance all night.”

All talk shows have the same celebrities & entertainment news. Audiences chose one over the other for one reason – the host. Keep audiences entertained or your show is over with one click of a mouse or remote control. If I’m not having fun, then the celebrity isn’t having fun & the viewer already left to take a bathroom selfie, usually with the toilet on display.

His warmth, charm and quick wit are ideal for all environments; in studio, man-on-the-street, press junkets, event emcee, backstage or Red Carpet.

Chance is the Celebrity Expert in America for RTL, which is owned by Bertelsmann, Europe’s largest broadcaster. Chance’s celebrity interviews and entertainment commentary airs on almost a dozen top-rated shows throughout Europe.


James Pratt, Mogul Productions

Named Australia’s Top 5 under 35 in 2019 for entertainment, James Pratt has a highly esteemed reputation within Hollywood as an actor and director.

His most recent films include starring in Skyline Mist ( 2021 ) Malibu Crush ( 2021 ) playing one of the lead roles, “Detective Ethan Rogers in the feature, On Halloween ( 2020 ) and in the film” Envy” alongside ( Eugenia Kuzmina, The Gentleman ) which debuted at Cannes Film Festival in 2019.

James is a founding film executive at Mogul Productions and the host of Mogul Live which features interviews with Hollywood biggest names. James is on numerous advisory films boards including the SP Film Awards in New York.

Jessica Ross, Hollywood Unexpected

Jessica Ross is an award-winning actress and reporter, appearing on television and in films; she has also written for several fashion blogs, and been on reality TV.

In 2017, she was one of the lead cast members of the Fashion One Network’s reality series, Fashion Dolls which aired across 175 countries in over 400 million households. In 2018 she drew praise for her role in 15 Seconds Fame which premiered at Cannes and was short-listed for the Oscars.

Other projects entail highlighting businesses as a host for Big Review TV, presenting at the Hollywood Now Film Festival, reporting for Backstage Weekly, and being the LA Correspondent for Waves & Runways. Outside of acting, she was a keynote speaker for iTalk Philadelphia and hosted the red carpet at iTalk Los Angeles.

Recent work includes Sounds of Nature, a documentary-style film with the concept of creating a reminder like no other, Hollywood Unexpected which won Best Comedy,, and a starring role in the upcoming suspense thriller, Mr. Smith.


Joyce Chow, iHollywood Film Fest

Joyce Chow is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker, Oscar® qualified producer/director and Cannes veteran. She is the founder of the iHollywood Film Fest after being co-founder of the Brentwood and Pacific Palisades International Film Festival and Palm Beach International Mini Movie Film Festival. (

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