EyCrowd Leverages the Power of Crowdsourced Marketing to Drive Authentic Brand Awareness

Brands spend millions of dollars a year to hone in on the perfect marketing campaigns that engage users and produce measurable results. Now, one app is making it easier for them to engage customers and build their brand with its cost-effective marketing channel that finds real fans ready to advocate on their behalf. 

EyCrowd is a powerful new marketing concept that connects businesses with fans and turns those fans into brand advocates—known as EyVocates in the EyCrowd universe. The aim is to help companies better leverage the most powerful marketing tool at their disposal to grow their brand influence—the people who already love them.

With the touch of a few buttons, EyCrowd business users can create fun and creative marketing campaigns, digital or on-ground, and push them out to EyCrowd app users. The app then shares engagement opportunities with EyVocates based on their interests, locations, and other brand-established parameters. Once EyVocates complete the advertised opportunity, whether sharing on social media, showing up at an event, or more, they are rewarded based on the campaign’s incentive structure. 

“Unlike influencer marketing, which can be seen as buying likes and inauthentic, EyCrowd relies on authentic brand engagement and growth by recruiting those who already love your brand to share that love online or in person,” said Brad Cowdrey, co-founder of EyCrowd. “We’re redefining how brands connect with their fans by giving companies an easy way to invite fans to become an extension of their marketing teams and reward them for their loyalty while driving measurable growth for the business user.” 

The EyCrowd app launched in the summer of 2022 and currently has a presence in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, with plans to expand across the US. 

EyCrowd is available for free on all iOS and Android devices. Learn more about EyCrowd at https://eycrowd.com/.

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