Malibu Crush: Big Heart, Big Laughs

As one of my favorite films growing up, I think about the things I really liked about Dumb and Dumber the original film.. Not only was it a lot of fun, but it was well timed comedy that had subtle but effective love themes. This year’s closest version I would call is Malibu Crush, written by James Pratt it’s clearly a well timed comedy, with stupid characters and a love narrative relatable enough to believe the story.

Yuan Lin and Kev Hanibal in Malibu Crush (2022)

The film takes place in Los Angeles to begin and follows childhood friends Michael Chase (James Pratt) and Duey (Billy White), trying to find a way to visit Sydney Australia in one week to reconcile with an ex girlfriend Bridgett Van Ryan ( Kelly Monisse ) before she gets married to someone else. From the beginning, the goal is clear as both Michael and Duey are kind, likeable characters but very stupid and out of their depth in stopping a wedding. Michael is fired from his job at the beginning of the film for spraying an 81-yearold lady in the face with a fire extinguisher while Beverly Hills legend Derek Anderson ( Caleb Duncan Watches on ), while Duey is simply eating pizza’s and hitting on Natalie ( Demitra Sealy ) to start the film and say’s he’s exhausted.

Rach Taylor is played by Sarah Louise-Collidge

Michael and Duey scam tickets to Australia as part of a student exchange program at an elite film school , a job they both have zero experience in. Without regard for the law these two dimwits cause havic on arrival in Bondi Beach in Australia and the chaos only continues as they meet Rach Taylor ( played by Sarah-Louise Collidge ) and Duey falls in love with her. Damian Nixey, Kev Hannibal and Yuan Lin are also solid performers who seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Injecting aspects of love, friendship and stupidity is a well mixed blend to mask the low brow comedy in the writing and it does it’s job superbly. However the surprising aspect in Malibu Crush is it does have some romanic elements which have been slipped into the film just enough to keep fans of more traditional romcoms watching, without taking away the Dumb and Dumber humour. In particular the date scene between Michael and Emma ( Bella Valentini ) skateboarding along Bondi Beach at sunset is visually brilliant ( Conner Janson cinematographer )

There are a funny moments from start to finish and some great supporting actors including Scott E Miller playing Paul Gofueller, Brittany Hockley as Jade, and Dan Musial as Carl.

Billy White ( Duey ) Emma (Bella Valentini ) and Michael ( James Pratt in Malibu Crush

I was excited to watch this from seeing the trailer and am hoping we see a sequel or more of Pratt’s comedy in the future.

Malibu Crush is out now on


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