Actress Josie Goldberg Learns Valuable Lessons After Losing Court Cases With Dr.Phil, Oprah & CBS

  Actress Josie Goldberg lost her court cases with Dr Phil, his wife, Oprah and CBS. She hopes to show others that when one looses there is always a lesson learned so one can win in the future.

“I want to share this so people don’t make the same mistakes I did . These are the top 5 things I learned.

1) The next time I work on a show it will be a SAG/AFTRA show. I will only work under the SAG/AFTRA collective Bargaining agreement. 

2) If no claim has been made within 365 days than no claim can be made thereafter 

3) Litigation must take place through arbitration not the courts. Only the SAG/AFTRA Union can arbitrate for you!

4) I might of lost my pension,fees and healthcare but I own my brand and licensing Dr Phil can’t do any more Spoiled and Entitled shows without my permission! 

5) Its not wise to talk money or how much one will be payed for appearances. Talking money in Hollywood taboo. It’s best to whip out the SAG/AFTRA Card and just make sure your under the collective bargaining agreement Let the Card speak for you!”

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